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Best Cordless Angle Grinders

Angle grinders are one of the essential gadgets for any home DIYers, handymen, and professional contractors. Angle drivers are sterling for cutting and grinding off excess material with corded technology advancements in recent years. People forget about jumping on electric cables and running extension power cords. Cordless angle drivers are better than simple angle drivers because they let you maintain the distance from power switches.

Suppose you’ve ever owned any cordless angle grinder. In that case, you will opt for the cordless option in the majority unless you are attacking a thick piece of rod that requires a mighty effort that a corded angle grinder can only provide. Any good corded angle grinder with a brushless motor can generate maximum torque and speed.

We have researched and listed some best cordless angle drivers. So, if you are planning to purchase the best cordless angle grinder for yourself , then keep on reading.

1- Mini Brushless Angle Grinder Cordless Electric Power Tools for home by PROSTORMER:

Mini brushless angle grinder electric cordless by prostormer is an essential gadget for both professional and home DIYers. It is designed with easy-to-Mini Brushless Angle Grinder Cordless Electric Power Tools for home by PROSTORMERuse tech so people can easily take advantage of it. It has a small body with a more powerful performance and longer service life. The machine contains a non-slip handle for the best grip while working. It has a battery of 12V for the new platform, which is not suitable to use on other 12V machines. It can be used for multiple works like cutting, polishing, and grinding. This has no load speed of 19500rpm and contains 10mm of Disc bore diameter, and its disc size is 76×1.2× 10mm. It also has a grinding spindle thread, M5, and battery of 200mAh. It weighs around 0.65 kg with one battery. This machine is available in a combination of two-color, blue and black.

For metal polishing, cutting metal, cutting wood, and cutting tile, always use a specific protection guard that must be used before cutting. For safety matters, always take off the battery.

How to install a grinding disc?

To install a grinding disc, follow these steps:

  • Use a hexagon wrench for losing the center screw.
  • Install the grinding Disc
  • Using hexagon wrench for tightening the center screw
  • Pull up to open the lock shaft switch
  • Tighten the center screw again
  • Close the lock shaft switch

Commodities include

  • Prostormer machine
  • Charger
  • Sandpaper discs
  • Specific protection guard gloves


  • The motor is smaller and lighter
  • Low loss of engine means long life
  • High efficiency, 20 to 30 percent higher than brush motor


  • The motor has little heat

2- Machine Cutting Electric cordless Angle Grinder Power Tool By PROSTORMER.

The electric cordless machine angle cutting grinder by prostormer is a multifunction cutting and grinding. This is multi-purpose and has a strong driving Machine Cutting Electric cordless Angle Grinder Power Toolforce, can be used in cutting tile, wood, and metal. It contains an auxiliary handle for a firm grip for stable operations. It has three modes, an anti skid design, adjustable in three directions for more stable and labor-saving operation. This is safer to use because it contains a 115mm protective cover, and can be applied to an 11mm grinding wheel with a secondary fixator. You can press the spindle button to lock the spindle and can easily replace the saw blade. It has a switch, push and shove to open and close to prevent accidental start. To install the spindle lock, press the spindle lock and place the spindle lock quickly. The imported battery is made up of lithium-ion, so with the protective circuit board, charges at any time without fear of damage to batteries. By disconnecting the circuit, it protects the battery life. The machine motor takes 20V DC, gives 2000mA charging output, and its speed rate is 9000rpm. This machine weighs around 3kg with a battery capacity 3000mAh. Batteries take charging time 2 hours. It is available in a combination of 2 colors, blue and black.

Commodities include:

  • Prostormer machine
  • Imported lithium rechargeable battery
  • Charger
  • Sandpaper sheet
  • Plastic box


  • Three-position side handle
  • Rapid heat dissipation
  • User-friendly design


  • It costs little high

3- Worx 20V Mini Grinder WX800 Cordless Angle-Grinder:

Mini cordless angle grinder of Worx WX800 contains a rechargeable battery with tool-less quick safety guard adjustments. Slim body designed to Worx 20V Mini Grinder WX800 Cordless Angle-Grinderimprove comfort and handling while working. The soft rubberized thin handle design makes it more comfortable while using. It is a multifunctional machine that can also use cutting square tubes, copper pipes and grinding wooden, iron, and rod. Its thin handle and lightweight design make it easy to use in tight spaces. Imported 2.omAh batteries are durable and reliable. The machine contains a high-energy lithium battery, easy to carry, takes 20V of current with a 115mm angle grinder. The whole device weighs 1.8kg and its circumference 20.5cm.

You can easily remove the wheel by following steps:

  • Press and hold the spindle lock button
  • Rotate the wheel until the wheel got stuck
  • Unscrew the wheel disc, counterclockwise

For installation

  • Facing up literal wheel side, facing outward, the protruding side
  • Press and hold the spindle lock button, rotate the wheel until the wheel is stuck
  • Tighten the flange gasket clockwise with a wrench.

Commodity include

  • Machine
  • 115mm type resin polishing pad
  • 2.0Ah battery
  • 60-minute charger
  • Injection box
  • Auxiliary handle
  • Wrench


  • Soft rubberized thin handle design
  • Metal headshell
  • Spine lock button
  • Protective switch design


  • Charging takes 2 hours

Final Thoughts

However, if you are interested in cordless angle grinders, then that will help you out a lot with your work without any headache. Whether you are interested in a corded angle driver or cordless, there are few things that you must prioritize when it comes to making a purchase. If you are up for cordless grinders, you should go for angle drivers that contain brushless motors and a large capacity for lithium batteries.


So these were the best cordless angle grinders and we hope you have found the above-mentioned cordless angle grinder according to your needs.

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