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7 Best Cordless Drills To Make Your life Easier

A good drill is one of the chief machines in your home improvement power tool. According to the marketing intelligence, DYI (do it yourself) projects are now on the rise. Like if you are planning any work around your house, then a drill is essential. There are a lot of options if you are looking for new drill machines or drill sets. However, deciding on a new routine can be overwhelming. For starters, any professional manufacturer will offer dozens of drills. Put them all together, and you are choosing from hundreds of options. Now you will be wondering how difficult it is to operate them.

However, if you have not bought a cordless machine in the past, you will notice that cordless drill machines are much lighter in weight and are more energy-efficient. Cordless drill machines have become more prevalent in the past few years by replacing all the old drilling tools. The cordless drill machines are best and available in different models with heavy motors. These cordless power tools meet the standard tools with their outstanding features, such as:


  • Cordless drills offer excellent grip.
  • You can operate them with one hand.
  • The manufacturer designed these drills for DIY projects.


  • It is more convenient to carry them anywhere.
  • They don’t need any external power cord to attach and use.
  • The outdoor work has now become simple with the emergence of cordless drills.

Battery Capacity

  • There is no need for any power outlet to operate them. This is only possible because of lithium-ion battery technology.
  • It’s easy to use them in remote areas where there is no power supply available.
  • Dual batteries are the main advantage of cordless drills. You can charge the one battery when you are using the other one.
  • These batteries have a long life, and it is straightforward to charge these batteries.

Safety Precautions

  • The cordless drills are best at safety preference.
  • As there is no need for an external cord, so, no electric shocks are possible.
  • There is no chance of tripping and falling because of no external extension.

However, it is also complicated to choose which cordless drill machine is best for you. To help you sort through those options and find the best cordless drill to meet your needs. I have gathered up the seven most popular cordless power drill models and put them to the test.

1-Bosch Cordless Electric Drill Driver 18V Max 50N.m

Bosh cordless electric drill driver provides an 18v canned motor, which is more compact with the same torque as other 18-volt power tools. This drill Bosch Electric Drill Driver 18V Max 50N.mis light in weight and has a compact design with 7.0 Inch head length and 3.5punds meter. The training features Bosch heavy-duty chuck, which prevents the routine from slipping during high torque. It weighs around 1.3 kg and 1.64kg with a machine and battery. It gives a maximum screw diameter of 10mm, maximum torque with 54/21N.nm, and maximum chuck diameter 13mmIt has no-load speed and contains two gears. Gear 1 is 0-450rom, and gear 2 is for 0-1700 rpm. It gives leading drilling, 10mm for steel, 35mm for wood, and brick wall for 10mm. It has non-slip handle vibration, eco-friendly material, and contains study and drop resistance. This includes two buttons for dual speed control. One level is for slow speed and the second level is for high speed. It has an external carbon brush and is easily replicable. It has different modes for wood drilling, plasterboard drilling, and tile drilling. It comes only in the combination of blue and black color.

Commodities Include

  • Machine
  • Charger
  • 2 batteries
  • Plastic box


  • Contain steelhead
  • Forward and reverse gear
  • LED light
  • ECP battery protection


  • It is a little expensive

2- Worx Cordless Impact Drill Driver WX371.1

Worx wx371.1 cordless drill driver is one of the most preferable home DIY power tools. This cordless impact drill driver has a 2-speed design coveringWorx Cordless Impact Drill Driver WX371.1 a wide range of applications. This handy tool is made for compact and lightweight design for going through narrow spaces, with forward and reverse bit rotation for greater control. It has 265 in-lbs of torque with 15 position clutch, which meets different working conditions. Its working capability for wood is 30mm, for steel is 13mm and for brickwork is 13mm. It weighs 1.35kg and has a speed limit of 1450 RPM. Further, It also comes with a rubber handle that absorbs vibration while adding grip.

Commodities include

  • 20V drill driver


  • It is designed with unlimited LED light for dark areas.
  • It has imported batteries that are durable and reliable.
  • An hour for charging would be enough.
  • Its battery is interchangeable with other Worx tools.


  • It costs a little high.

3- Bosch GSR 12 V Electric Cordless Drill

Bosch cordless electric drill GSR 12 V has been designed for professionals who want a high-quality tool. It delivers outstanding versatility in a compactBosch GSR 12 V Electric Drill area with high-quality drills. Its angle attachment offers precise screw driving very close to edges. Further, the keyless chuck attachment provides locked-in drilling for complex materials. And its brushless motor delivers longer runtime. The compact body design of this drill provides 13mm for drilling, fixing, and screw driving. Its net weight is 0.8kg. It gives a maximum drilling diameter of 10mm for steel, 19mm for wood, and 7mm for screw diameter.

Commodities Include

  • One battery
  • One charger
  • Four chucks
  • Four manual
  • One plastic box.


  • It has positive and negative adjustments and a power display.
  • It has two-speed switches.
  • It takes 45 minutes for charging
  • It has four conversion heads


  • It is an expensive tool
  • This tool is difficult to use and designed for professionals only.

4- DEKO GCD12DU3 Electric Mini Cordless

The Deko mini electric cordless drill GCD12DU3 has a professional-grade tool that provides real power with an incredibly lightweight of around 3 DEKO GCD12DU3 Electric Mini Cordlesspounds. This drill features an efficient EC brushless motor, delivers 300 in-lbs of torque. Deko GCD12DU3 drill can fit into tight work areas with 7 –inch head length. Moreover, its Rubber mold handle provides maximum user comfort and less vibration in Heavy-duty materials. It gives a secure grip for enhanced user control, and its lightweight reduces user fatigue. With smooth, precise motor and driver gearing, the drill kit can drill anything, drive, and remove the most prominent screws in the hardiest materials. The lower gear helps in driving screws and drilling. In comparison, the high gear provides fast speed for lighter drilling work. It also has an LED light that illuminates dark work areas.

Commodities Include

  • A GSR12V-300 12V max EC brushless 3/8 inch.
  • Drill Driver, 12V Ma lithium-Ion 2.0 Ah batteries
  • One 12V max charger
  • One magnetic four tip bit holder
  • Four impact tough bits
  • One belt clip
  • Carrying bag


  • You can easily switch between low gear and high gear.
  • The power LED lights can activate into red, yellow, and green lights.
  • It is lightweight and can easily fit in tight places.


  • It is battery-powered. So it requires a new battery after some time.

5- Bosch GDX18V-1600B12 Drill

Bosh versatile GDX18V-1600B12 drill is a freak impact driver, with a 1/4 inch quick change hex shank and a 1/2 inch square driver for use with bits Bosch GDX18V-1600B12 Drilland sockets. This innovative impact driver eliminates using socket adapters, and its variable speed trigger provides user control driving fasteners. It has a powerful, efficient 18-volt motor that delivers almost 1600 InLbs of torques, up to 3600 impacts per minute. Its high torque, high impact rate, and high speed make work more efficient. Its high-quality accessories give longer service life, and its external carbon brush is easier to replace. It has a hammer and anvil system designed for maximum impact energy. So if you are not very tight on the budget, you can definitely give this drill a shot to efficiently serve the purpose.

Commodities include

  • Impact driver
  • Toolbox
  • Manual
  • One safety rope
  • AL1814CV charger


  • It comes with a forward and reverse button.
  • This drill Has a 1.8V 1.5 Ah lithium battery.
  • It has a hand buckle to carry it easily.
  • The charging time is 45 minutes.


  • It is quite expensive.

6- DEKO BMC Plastic Tool Case cordless Drill GCD20DU3

DEKO plastic tool case drill GCD20DU3 comes with an 85 drill bits driver set, which is very cheap. Each material is durable and coded for easy DEKO BMC Plastic Tool Case cordless Drill GCD20DU3recognition. This high steel speed drill does not only improve productivity. But it also increases cutting speed. This kit is very useful and emphasizes both professional and DIYers. You can easily find any bit you need to get your job done. Its plastic box is more sturdy, moisture-proof, easy to carry and hang. All the bits are set in order with complete accessories. Its case is black, which makes it dirt resistant. All in all, it works best for both professionals and beginners.

Commodities Include

  • HSS drill bits
  • Masonry drill bits
  • Wood drill bits
  • Hole saws
  • Cordless drill


  • It is easy to use for both professionals and DIYers.
  • Its bits are available in every size.
  • Bits are made up of carbon steel, which is extremely durable and shock-resistant
  • It is very cheap in price.


  • GCD20DU3 battery is not included.

7- Worx wx128.3 Cordless Drill

Worx cordless drill wx128.3 is one of the most demanded drills by both professionals and DIYers. It comes with 2.0Ah battery packs giving 24Nm Worx wx128.3 Cordless Drilltorque in 16 positions. Not only Worx wx128.3 cordless drill is a top performer. But the batteries of this drill are long-lasting too and come with a one-year warranty. Its battery is made up of lithium-ion technology, which gives high capacity, low self-discharge, and no memory effect. Worx wx128.3 cordless drill weighs around 2.18 kg. Its storage bag features two double-sided point batteries. Each of them takes 12V for charging. Moreover, it’s a one-hand drilling tool for wood, metal, plastic, tile, and cabinet assembly. It gives maximum drilling capacity, 10mm for metals and 20mm for wood, and a 10mm keyless chuck with an auto spindle lock. Its LED light design is useful and can be easily controlled in a dark environment. You can also make free adjustments for various working conditions.

Commodities Include

  • Storage bag
  • Charger
  • Cross double head batch applicable screw
  • Machine
  • 1.5 Ah battery


  • It has two-speed buttons
  • It has rechargeable batteries
  • LED light design
  • Soft rubber handle


  • It requires two lithium-ion batteries

Final Thoughts

We have thoroughly reviewed the seven best cordless drills. These cordless drills are made up of NiCad and lithium batteries. These two represent the most battery choices today; the older one is NiCad (nickel-cadmium). NiCad batteries are durable, and some can withstand 1000 charge cycles. However, it has poor energy density, which means these batteries have to charge often—also, toxic chemicals are usually used in the manufacturing of these products.

Perhaps this is the reason why lithium-ion batteries have an alternative power source for cordless tools. As compared to NiCad batteries, these are made up of lighter materials and have twice the energy density.

However, if you are a hobbyist or professional craftsman, ensure that there’s a drill on the market that’s just perfect to meet your needs. When you shop for training, always consider what you will be using the tool for. Keep in mind that price doesn’t always suit hand in hand with quality and performance.

Sometimes, you get tempted by only looking at the price, thinking that if the price is high, the product will definitely be great. However, this is not the right behavior, and no wonder you may end up spending tons of bucks this way. So always try to inspect the product thoroughly, check for pros and cons, conduct relevant research about the product, and then decide.

We hope this article has provided you enough knowledge to decide which drill to choose and which not to. Every drill is better in its own way. However, at the end of the day, it comes down to your actual needs. So what are you waiting for? Know your problem, select the most appropriate drill for your use, and order it now! Happy Shopping!

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