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Best cordless impact wrenches

Impact wrenches are mainly air-powered, which professional mechanics usually uses. The air compressor required a large volume of air of about 100PSI, which is generally needed typically to run a ½ inch impact wrench, which, which costs high.

However, cordless impact drivers powered with lithium-ion batteries have now gotten better battery technology. Most of the impact wrenches are not costs too high and are way better than pneumatic impact wrenches. Impact wrenches have a unique advantage over pneumatic impact wrenches, which is mobility. Cordless impact wrenches don’t need any air compressor to operate, and they are quickly going to wherever they are required drivers.

However, unless other cordless drill drivers or impact drivers are experts in drilling holes and driving screws, impact wrenches are uniquely designed for losing and tightening various nuts, boots, and large screws. Cordless impact drivers can move with both rotational forces to deliver excellent perfect work. Impact drivers can quickly produce 250 food pounds, perfecting the loose rusty and corroded nuts. Impact wrenches are incredibly high. It smoothly transfers transfer its most of the high energy torque is not directly transfer to your hand, wrist, or arm but to the fastener.


Cordless impact wrenches with high voltage will give you more power. However, low voltage batteries have a different case. Smaller batteries like 12-volt or other impact wrenches are more compact with smaller batteries, suitable for small jobs, working overhead, and tight spaces. Impact wrenches with 18-volt and 20-volt batteries are slightly different from each other. An 18-volt tool with advanced features and capabilities makes it more versatile and easier to use than a 20-volt tool. However, IPM ( impact per minute) increases as RPM (revolutions per minute) increases. High RPMs help wrenches to drive nuts and bolts faster, where IPMs increase their frequency as the resistance increases.

Every impact driver listed below is slightly different from each other. These cordless impact wrenches have heavy-duty, high torque model, down-to-impact, and medium-duty models. We hope you will find a cordless impact wrench according to your requirements.

1- WORX 20V Brushless Electric Impact Wrench:

WORX 20V Brushless Electric Impact WrenchWorx brushless electric impact wrench of 20 volts is a highly versatile, powerful, and compact driver. It is designed vital to get the job done in tight, close, and small places. Professional mechanics usually uses. This impact wrench by Worx completes all installation like construction, curtain wall installation, elevator installation or car repair, etc. It contains a lithium-ion battery with maximum torque of 300 newton-m and high-frequency shock at 3000 times/minute. Its brushless magnetic split motor quickly tightened nuts and can be easily removed. The quality of its lossless strong lithium battery has a large capacity of 0.4Ah and has full power to work continuously. Its brushless motor effectively reduces power loss and without carbon brushes for long-lasting battery life. Its steel impact wears long-term resistance shock does not attenuate. It also contains a fully enclosed panel that is dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof. Effectively prevent control board out of use.

Commodities include:

  • Wrench
  • 4.0Ah lithium battery
  • 2A charger
  • Pin matching and retaining ring
  • M22 socket
  • Strap
  • Nylon bag


  • Stepless speed switch
  • Forward and reverse switch
  • Led lights
  • 2-speed adjustable and change self-stop gear.
  • Battery pack lock button


  • It costs a little high

2- Impact Wrench Brushless Cordless Electric Wrench Power Tool By PROSTORMER:

Impact Wrench Brushless Cordless Electric Wrench Power Tool By PROSTORMERElectric impact wrench by prostormer comes in the 21-volt brushless wrench and 2000mAh battery with maximum torque of 320Nm and rated speed of up to 3200rpm to 3400rpm. It contains variable speed buttons of low – medium and high speed.

 Commodities include:

  • Wrench
  • 4000mAh battery
  • 2000mAh battery
  • Nylon bag


  • Two batteries
  • Easy installation
  • Easy Heat dissipation
  • Led light
  • Forward and reverse gears


  • The battery may drain fast.

3-  Bosch Original 18V Cordless Electric Impact Wrench Driver:

Bosch Original 18V Cordless Electric Impact Wrench DriverBosch cordless electric impact driver is specially designed for an impact wrench, drill, and screwdriver. Its high torque of about 160Nm for inner hexagon to 180Nm for square. It gives a no-load rate at 2800rpm and no shock rate at 3600bpm. Bolt diameter of M6-M16 and speed make it work more efficiently. Its high-quality accessories last along. It contains an external carbon brush which is easily replaceable. Bosch impact wrench works three-in-one, impact wrench, electrical screwdriver, and impact drill. It has a high-quality non-slip handle which is easier to operate. The net weight of the machine is 1.8 KG and gives a charge time of 45 minutes. Plus, the point is that it contains 189-LI ( lithium-ion rechargeable battery).

Commodities include

  • Host
  • 1.5Ah battery
  • 1 AL1814CV charger
  • One safety rope
  • One toolbox

Pros :

  • LED light
  • Forward and reverse button
  • Hang buckle, easy to carry
  • External carbon brush

Cons :

It costs more than other impact drivers.

Whether you are fighting or losing, power is the name of the game for cordless impact drivers. The more power machine has, the better and fast work they will do. However, speed is secondary in impact drivers if you are working in the construction area, running long timber screws, and running fast as you can while keeping momentum under control.

Once you know about your requirement, how much power you need, and want to find the smallest, lightest package you can without giving up on the quantity. Mostly, impact wrenches are heavy, and their voice and vibration can fatigue you immediately. Buying a twist that is light in weight is also very important. However, there are three primary categories to look for while buying an impact wrench: compact, mid-torque, and high torque. When you move up in power, you move up in size too. Remember that today brushless impact wrenches models perform at a much higher rate than before. Also, having an automatic stop button helps you drive a nut or bolt much quickly. However, value is always a big part of what we look at with any tool. It’s not about which one is cheapest; it’s just getting the job done well.

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