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5 best cordless screwdrivers

Whether you are repairing your bicycle, electric switch, or even putting batteries in your child’s remote control car, or doing any other work, they are entirely another DIY project. A cordless screwdriver is all you need for doing home DIY projects. A cordless screwdriver. These screwdrivers are less powerful and do not have the power to go through a lot of dense material, but it is a good option for light to typical jobs.

If you’re searching for an excellent cordless screwdriver to meet your needs, read on and check out the features of 5 best cordless screwdrivers that are recommended below:

1- DEWALT Cordless Screwdriver (DCF008)

Dewalt (DCF008) cordless screwdriver is motion activated with variable speed high and low. High speed varies 600rpm and low varies 180rpm. This multifunctional electric screwdriver is DEWALT Cordless Screwdriver (DCF008)suitable for different-angling. It gives 0rpm – 430rpm for fastening into wood, plastic, and metals. It also provides 8V output voltage with 10N maximum torque and 21+1 torque setting. Its 2-position handle allows operation in IN-line and pistol grip. Its 8V MAX battery allows for longer runtime and gets charged again in an hour. This features 2 LED headlights that enable illumination in confined areas. It has a lightweight body with a non-slip rubber handle, which is comfortable in one hand control. It is available in only one color, yellow. Its weight is around 1.1 pounds. It has two ways to switch forward and reverse. It contains a 45pcs accessories set.

Commodities include

  • Electric screwdriver (battery included) 

  • Short screwdriver bits × 33

  • H type size: 2 – 7 (7pcs)

  • SL type size: 3 – 7.2(6pcs)

  • PZ type size: 0-3(8pcs)

  • T type size: 10-40(6pcs)

  • PH type size: 0-3(6pcs)

  • Long screwdriver bits × 3

  • Magnetic connecting rod × 1

  • Hexagon more batch × 8


  • It contains two batteries

  • LED lighting

  • Switch locks

  • Quick batches


  • It costs a little high.

2- Worx Mini Electrical Screwdriver Set WX240:

Worx electrical mini screwdriver WX240 is very light in weight and used mainly by DIYers. This tool has three speeds, slow, medium, and fast settings, to cover all typical screw drivingWorx Mini Electrical Screwdriver Set WX240 applications. Slow speed is used for backing screws out; fast is for driving large fasteners. Its grip is compact and lightweight so that people can use it for long stretches without hand fatigue. It is easy to hold from multiple angles and different positions. Plus, its slim size makes it easy to get into tight spaces. You will quickly get to know how much battery is left, so you can plug it and get it fueled back up. However, its battery will effectively last much longer than 45 minutes. This little tool also has headlights so that you can see what you are doing in dark spaces. This Worx tool is designed with innovative technology and modern efficiency so you can build a cost-effective collection. Its 4V motor is as powerful as some other drills.

Commodities include

  • Screwdriver

  • Screwdriver insert bits

  • Magnetic bit holder

  • 2 Phillips impact power bit

  • Type-C charging cable

  • Plastic storage case


  • It has a forward and reverses button

  • It is Cheaper than other drills

  • Long battery life

  • Easy to carry

  • Has universal mobile phone USB charger


  • This toolbox doesn’t contain an extra battery.

3- PROSTORMER 23 in 1 Mini Ratchet Bits Set Sockets

Prostormer multifunctional precise 23 in 1 tool kit is a universal tool kit with 23pcs in one set. Its screwdriver kit is specially designed for labor-saving. It contains a sitch, easy and fastPROSTORMER 23 in 1 Mini Ratchet Bits Set Sockets to control in any direction. These tools are made up of chromium-vanadium steel. This 23pcs tool toolset is designed for minor repairs and DIY projects around the house.

Commodities include

  • 12pcs 25mm screwdriver

  • Slotted

  • 8pcs socket

  • 1pc coupler

  • 1pc 60mm magnetic bit holder

  • 1pc offset ratchet driver



  • Perfect tools set for electrical repair and maintenance

  • Cheap in price

  • Light-weighted


  • It is designed for electrical repair only.

4- DEKO DKCS3.6O1 Electric Cordless Screwdriver

Deko electrical cordless screwdrivers DKCS3.602 are powered by a 3.6v, 1300mAh battery for a stable power supply for a long-lasting time. It has a unique function or rotation and DEKO DKCS3.6O1 Electric Cordless Screwdriverchanges the direction of operation accordingly. It is helpful for home renovation projects, such as installing flooring. Its two-handle position gives you different options when you are working in contract spaces. Its soft handle adds comfort to the user’s hand. Its headlight will be turned on automatically when you push the trigger, helping you find the target. It’s available in black, orange and gray color and weighs around 0.33kg.

Commodities include

  • Screwdrivers

  • Rechargeable machine

  • Charger with cable


  • The LED headlight will help you to find the target.

  • It has a universal USB charger.


  • It is designed for home DIYers only.

5- PROSTORMER Mini Electric Screwdriver :

Prosmeter electrical mini screwdriver is very easy to use. You can start the screwdriver with a simple push, forward, and reverse switch for easy screw driving and screw removal. Its PROSTORMER Mini Electric Screwdrivertorque adjustment gear prevents the damaging of surfaces. It has a total of 32 bits in a box which completely meets your daily needs. It is a compact and lightweight design, suitable for working in tight spaces. Its net weight is 1.85 pounds.

Commodities include

  • 4V rechargeable screwdriver

  • One extension bit holder

  • 32 driver bits

  • USB charging cable

  • Plastic toolbox


  • LED work light

  • USB charging

  • Forward and reverse switch


  • Only Suitable for home DIY small projects.

All these screwdrivers are suitable for their intended applications as long as you consider, for what thing you will be using it. It is pretty much crucial that what you should do after buying a new power tool. This often happens because the device does not get the job done for a user, and it usually happens because they didn’t read the tool’s capabilities before purchasing it.

However, Instead of carrying several screwdrivers around your toolbox, why shouldn’t you opt for these cordless screwdrivers? These are light in weight, compact, and easily carryable, and can rapidly charge if needed. So choose cordless screwdrivers and make your life convenient.

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