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6 Best Impact Drivers

Cordless drills are popular and versatile, but impact drill drivers can drive screws at astonishing speeds. Professionals and home DIYers like themselves using impact drivers instead of cordless drills. However, impact drives especially come with the advent of bit sets with hex-shank accessories. Bits are specially designed to withstand the stresses that these drivers impose on a bit. Impact drivers are designed with high torque because directions can also be reversed for situations, and screws have to be tightened with greater torque than screwdrivers can quickly provide. These are predominantly used for driving screws and tightening nuts.

Manual impact drivers are a tool that delivers a solid and sudden rotational force. Impact manual drivers are covered with a heavy outer sleeve that surrounds an inner core that is splined to it. This spline is complex so, when the user strikes the outer spline with a hammer, its downward force directly works on the spline to produce turning pressure on the core. The tool delivers the heavy rotational inertia of the sleeve to the lighter heart to generate ample torque.

Although, their chuck accepts bits with a one ¼ inch hex shank. These tools are lighter and smaller than drill drivers, and they are not as versatile. They perform many of the same functions as cordless screwdrivers. However, their torque output is higher than a typical drill drive. But, cordless drivers do not provide the forward thrust that a manual impact driver does.

Now without delaying further, let’s get insight into the 6 best impact drivers.

1- Stanley 9pcs Impact Driver Set :

Stanley has been an authorized brand of the USA since 1843. Stanley’s 9pcs impact driver set is made from S2 alloy steel, which is solid and durable. Stanley 9pcs Impact Driver SetAn impact screwdriver can easily loosen hard-to-turn screws, Bolt and nuts. By striking the top to shock the lock, and at the same, turn the screw to relax.

Commodities include:

  • 1 pcs impact screwdriver
  • 8pcs 8mm hex-shank impact screwdriver bits
  • Phillips
  • slotted


  • its unique handle design prevents the possibility of hitting your hand.
  • It’s cheaper than other impact drivers.


  • It is manual

2- Bosch Electrical Impact Screwdriver GDR120-Li:

Bosh GDR120-Li electrical impact screwdriver gives high strength tightening screw bolt work. It provides a maximum torque of 100-newton meters Bosch Electrical Impact Screwdriver GDR120-Liwith no load of 2600 rpm. Its battery is made up of lithium-ion, which is safe and portable. It’s a rechargeable electrical impact driver and takes 90 minutes of charging. You can use it for multiple purposes like electric work, HVAC, and woodworking.

Commodities include

  • One-piece impact driver
  • One-piece 1.5Ah battery
  • One-piece charger


  • Double speed regulation
  • No smell
  • LED illumination
  • Non-slip shock absorber handle


  • A little expensive from the manual impact driver

3- DEWALT Original 18V Electric Screwdriver Impact:

Dewalt’s electric impact driver is specially designed for professional workers. Its unique vent design reduces heat during large operations. It contains DEWALT Original 18V Electric Screwdriver Impactan 18V rechargeable lithium battery. Its large capacity lithium battery dramatically increases work efficiency. Its net weight is 1.5 KG.

Commodities include:

  • Impact driver
  • One lithium 18V battery
  • Charger
  • Plastic toolbox


  • Switch with variable speed, forward and reverse button.
  • High and low-speed switch key
  • Lithium battery of this impact driver comes with the prompt power function.


  • It has a capacity of one battery, so the battery may drain fast.

4- Brushless Hammer Drill 60NM Impact Electric Driver 3 Function

Prostometer brushless hammer drill impact driver is specially designed with hammer drill function. It gives high torque of 60N.m and can work on Brushless Hammer Drill 60NM Impact Electric Driver 3 Functionsteel, wood, and masonry. It contains one button several, forward rotation for tightening the screw and reverse course for loosening the screw.

Commodities include

  • One prosometer impact driver
  • Two lithium batteries of 000mAh and 2000mAh
  • Plastic toolbox


  • It has two gear speed switch.
  • LED light for working in dark areas
  • Belt clip for hanging


  • Its battery drains out very fast.

5- Bosch Original 18V Cordless Electric Impact Wrench Driver

Bosch cordless electric impact driver is specially designed for an impact wrench, drill, and screwdriver. Its high torque, impact rate, and speed make Bosch Original 18V Cordless Electric Impact Wrench Driverwork more efficient. Its high-quality accessories last along. Its external carbon brush is easier to replace.

Commodities include

  • Host
  • 1.5Ah battery
  • 1 AL1814CV charger
  • One safety rope
  • One toolbox


  • LED light
  • Forward and reverse button
  • Hang buckle, easy to carry
  • External carbon brush


  • It costs more than other impact drivers.

6- Worx 20V Cordless Impact Drill Driver WX371.1 Electric Drill

Worx WX371.1 electric drill impact driver is specially designed for home DIY power tools. Its variable two-speed design covers a wide range of Worx 20V Cordless Impact Drill Driver WX371.1 Electric Drillapplications. It comes with a compact and lightweight design for going through narrow spaces. It has 20 torque positions that meet the needs of different working conditions.

Commodities include

  • Machine
  • 2.0Ah battery pack
  • 2.0A charger
  • Double-ended bits
  • Injection box


  • Contain imported batteries which are durable and reliable
  • Unlimited LED light
  • Variable 2-speed design
  • Strong core without fear of overload.
  • Rechargeable


  • It is a bit more expensive impact driver than others.

Some people get confused about distinguishing between an impact driver and hammer drills. Like regular drills, hammer drills are different from impact drivers and made for another purpose. Impact drills are also called easy drills or regular drills. These impact drills can vibrate bits back and forth continuously and rapidly while spinning. Impact drills make for much quick drilling in concrete, brick, stone, or blocks.

However, most modern impact drivers are battery-powered, and their batteries come in three sizes: 12, 18, and 20Volts. Higher the voltage means higher the torque, but the difference between 18 and 20 volts is namely. Always keep in mind that higher voltage means larger, heavier battery and an impact driver.

Another consideration is brushed motors and brushless motors. Drivers with brushless motors are more expensive, but they are also more efficient and powerful, generate less heat, and have longer battery life between charges.

Consider choosing a model with variable speed. But make sure which type of work you want to be done by an impact driver because some people don’t bother with the product’s efficiencies and end up buying a product, which is useless. Always Keep in mind that price doesn’t always suit quality and performance.

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