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Firstly cut out all loose and damaged mortar. You may find that some of the faces of the bricks have been damaged as a result of water getting into the joints. This can be remedied in our replacing bricks project and the science of it understood in our freeze-thaw project. Cutting out is best done with a plugging chisel or small bolster. Very loose stuff can simply be raked out with a screwdriver or similar.

Rake out old joints to 10mm minimum Wire brush loose

dust etc.

Mixing sand and cement (see project on this) Place on hawk ready for easiest way to repoint

Unless you are doing all of the walls anew, it will be necessary to match the mortar you are using to the existing colour. See our project on matching sand and cement mortar.

Fill joints flush with surface, then choose finish of pointing

“Bucket handle pointing” can be done with metal pointing tool or with a short length of chopped off hosepipe run through the joint.

“Flush pointing” Done by cutting off surplus and rubbing over with back of trowel.

“Weather struck pointing” Done by using pointing trowel at and angle.

“Recessed pointing” Done by raking our mortar with tool above

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