120V/230V Mini Circular Saw 500W by PROSTORMER

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PROSTORMER Mini Plunge Saw


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Mini Circular Saw

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  1. D***v

    The saw is excellent, though it came with a marriage, the reducer body was cracked. The seller is very decent and sent me another saw, without a defect. For which he is very grateful!
    The saw is convenient for mounting built-in Coupe cabinets, if you take a set with guides and a bag! Light, compact and with tires + jets. Another antiskid tape would be included, in general, there would be a fire!


  2. g***v

    All received many thanks


  3. A***n



  4. A***v

    In the guides there is an arc bend


  5. R***r

    The order was delivered from Russia, the delivery time is a week. I brought the courier IML no problems. Long chose between similar options, stopped on this. Mini-saw looks decent, there are no obvious shortcomings in appearance. Checked the work at the idle, the RPM is adjustable, the regulator is fixed on the numbers. Noise when working is moderate. There is a small smell, I hope it will work and disappear. In the set of 3 discs, a tree with baits, on the tile and the third causes doubt. K. The inscription is demonstration. Total, the purchase is satisfied, the seller is excellent, sending within 24 hours. I recommend the goods to buy, I recommend the seller.


  6. A***v

    The order came in 2 days to Moscow.


  7. R***r

    The order is received, it is packed very qualitatively, reliably, in appearance a strong machine, I’ll work hard, thank the seller, recommend!!!


  8. A***k

    Courier in Moscow for two days. The saw is very cool in its range. I took to peel the plywood, copes well, the cut depth is 2.2 of course not much, but enough for most. The noise is normal. Guides straight perfectly along them pass, only the connection between themselves so-so. And as a whole I recommend, cut plywood, laminate, laminate, etc.


  9. E***v

    Did not cry yet


  10. R***r

    In general, it looks good, I have not checked the work yet. The first machine came with a defect, when you press the button, the engine with very much difficulty turned the shaft. Wrote to the seller, answered the next day. Have been asked to disassemble the reducer and check on the site of the shponk. I took it out, the spongka was in place. In the process of disassembly, I realized that the problem in the geometry of the reducer body. With tightened screws, the body pressed on the shaft and bearing, clamping them and not letting them rotate. If you loosen the screws, the shaft began to rotate freely. You can’t work that way, of course, as I wrote to the seller. I was asked to send another saw. She came in three days in Moscow. The second saw works fine. The sound of the reducer and bearings is harsh, but when the gears work, everything should be fine. Seller recommend. The tool for its money is quite good, if there is no marriage.


  11. A***v

    Expected more, but also so normal. Speed switch under the wire. On the minimum chipboard 16mm stops. The Assembly is not bad. Given the discount, it will go for non-frequent use.


  12. E***r

    The only thing I see wrong instructs them


  13. K***k

    Circular saw speed adjustable and stable.
    Circular saw ($) price is cheap but nicer
    Guide (experience) price is a little expensive but
    Guide the utilization and many Arthur purchase is made but
    Guide is ready. Price compared to by random.


  14. S***o

    Came for a week, the kit is full, it works, the saw is clean. For my tasks enough


  15. j***s



  16. s***m

    Normal operation. Assembly description detail not Apple ate my needs.
    Size is easier. Maximum day 2.2m


  17. R***r

    The parcel came from a warehouse in Moscow very quickly. Before this experience, there was no work with the circular saw, so I had to get along. Smoothly lower the disc and lead on the workpiece. There were difficulties with changing the disc-a tight twist disk, and also stuck the disc lock button because of the Assembly curve. Managed to correct, everything works, so I do not reduce the star. The cut is clean. Tested on furniture boards. I’ll use it. Thanks seller


  18. AliExpress Shopper

    The product is not bad, the only catch is that it has a piece of plastic that is in charge of height adjustment and does not seem very good

    AliExpress Shopper

  19. s***o

    When you go down it doesn’t go up just because you rub the protective plastic. I wait with time and wear going well.


  20. s***o

    The order came quickly… days in 9. Packing is normal… the goods are all whole… has not yet checked… but it seems to be all right… even with the company bag… seller recommend to everyone.


  21. A***v

    Very good saw for working with parquet board, etc. The first prophets need to be attached to the system of its lowering to the workpiece. Turns on the 6th, on the smaller rushes. Came with an installed disc on wood. The disc must be tightened stronger. At the sole was not twisted nut on the axial pin, bulged the head, thought marriage. But the key fixed everything, reached for it, and the pin got in place. With extra. The order of 3 discs was attached 3 more PCs. Thank you seller! I will try to continue in the case. For more depth of cut, do not chase, because. For this, there is already an ordinary large circular. Recommend! Yes, the depth of the saw is set for sure.


  22. R***m

    Works, came without damage. Thanks to the seller, I recommend.


  23. S***v

    Buzzing everything is fine), Sid is not bad, we work we look, took for work. A small deviation of the saw from the site, but it is not difficult to adjust, I just put the washer under the Mount of the sole to the Saw


  24. R***v

    Ordered 11.11 received 25.11 Chelyabinsk region. I have not tried it yet.


  25. A***y

    It’s a whole thing. I haven’t tried it yet.


  26. S***T

    Thank you. Everything arrived in 2 weeks by courier. The seller I recommend from the minuses in the bag there is no separate pocket for storing guides. I think it will not be superfluous to check the lubrication in the reducer before operating


  27. T***a

    Shipping is super fast. Saw quality. The bag is excellent, with many pockets.


  28. o***h

    Guides worthy for mini saws, connecting bars and clamps in the kit. The order came in time, carefully packed. The seller and I recommend it.


  29. a***n

    The machine is comfortable, but weak… 6 millimeters of plywood cuts normally 10mm is crushed. After a while, the screws were untwisted on the sole. I had to apply the sealant. Tires are useless if only for small oversized materials. Plywood cut on profile, the only clamps are good. Pluses convenience, mobility! Cons short cord, not powerful, flimsy reducer! For 3700 you can take this I bought with discounts. It is more expensive to buy with tires does not make sense ….


  30. A***v

    Took for work on the exit, cuts clean, Oak shield cuts normally, but if the tire then minus 4-5mm from the thickness, the dust pump fused, the size of the tire is too small to buy


  31. e***e

    Ordered 11.11 came 03.12. Ordered a free bag, the build quality is good, the product is a respect.


  32. S***n

    Everything corresponds to the description. The parcel came quickly. I tried it. On the sheet material (piled the axle, the disk for metal) proved itself well, convenient with one hand. Tip: we begin to saw the saw down on the material, not as a circular saw from the edge. Sawdust less fly, not like a circular saw. In general, good for giving. To the seller-thank you.


  33. a***x

    Included works, external inspection of defects did not reveal


  34. Y***v

    Works, Pine pilitis to maximum depth without problems. MDF 10mm also cuts without problems, thicker did not try. I took it, thinking that you can use it as a Bulgarian, but no, the casing of the saw is not removable-part of the reducer. There is a Luft Dick in the reducer.


  35. R***s

    I haven’t been able to prove it, but it looks like it’s all
    Thank you


  36. A***o

    In the reducer on the spindle of the disc on one side the bearing is 6001 and on the other just the bushing. The bearing is located close to the disc, so I hope that the sleeve will not break quickly. The grease in the reducer was, but little. Replaced with a less dense ultra-0. Not particularly noisy, the Bulgarian is louder than him.
    At first I thought it was a crack on the protection, it was the top cover of the reducer with the bearing, but then I realized, that was wrong 🙂 See. Photo.
    Clamps are inserted into the groove of the guide tire, and do not press it, it is convenient.
    Switch button without fixing. Until nothing was bent, I pressed all the screws and everything. The protection disc does not beat, everything is OK.
    For Home Affairs, perform a smooth rappyl-the most it.
    IML delivery 8 days. Recommend!


  37. A***h

    Saw really liked) there is Luft on the spindle. The RES is even. Speed adjustment-yes. Short cord. Three discs complete with a saw.


  38. A***k

    10 days, wspanialy set. Bag super large miesci duzo Wiecej. Packed together in big bag

    10 days, a great set. A very large bag holds much more. Packed together in a big bag


  39. A***

    Delivery as last time fast, bought a level, Krasnodar
    Edge, the tool looks externally good, assembled qualitatively have a speed controller mini circular bought to cut laminate, there is a great repair of the purchase is satisfied, I bought the case in advance for the tool, I will complement the review after work


  40. L***a

    The goods came quickly, in a few days. The Courier took it home.


  41. AliExpress Shopper

    good job!

    AliExpress Shopper

  42. V***n

    Excellent goods and fast delivery
    I recommend the seller.


  43. J***z

    Exact product to the ad photos. Very complete tool with very comfortable and spacious carrying bag to add all the accessories and some more. I recommend 10


  44. V***v

    The product corresponds to the description and quality. The parcel came very quickly, it came well packed. The work has proven itself well. You can work with one hand. Seller and recommend!


  45. V***n

    Saw in appearance is not bad, has not yet used


  46. m***a

    Came pts quickly for a week to be .. Pts convenient adjustment on the slope of the cut, it’s just pleased! Delivery by courier, he special thanks and respect! Despite the fact that the case was under the new year and he had a lot of deliveries, he listened carefully to where to deliver the goods, that it would be convenient to pick it up …. Was polite. Unlike the fucking “bzdeka” where I have the goods lay 2 weeks in the warehouse in that year!


  47. D***v

    Всё настолько прекрасно, что даже сказать нечего….Очень доволен!!!!


  48. I***v

    The product came broken, the power button was broken and it seems to have broken in the future. Money returned


  49. Y***i

    Until June dual-speed adjustable fabric is long to 1.2.3 is idling also, meaning no speed adjustable four key s from high speed rotation should start in no-load top speed is coming out the cutting force and may want as dish with plaster or EM Tiffany color Board small circular saw locate living resin rhinestone ball supplies impossible to seemed like high (working speed or convenience) weight loss is the eup is just elaborate work is difficult-mutual benefit to saw blade of vertical rotation of this circular top sale with wild that should guide gun plunge building solar wool ten day only shoot a cut is slow and sawing is tough and circular saw big towel bear when occasional writing you dish with idle rotating motor one stripe material the lead, durable is verified by look’ll four key


  50. d***r

    It’s from the few stores that help you know where the order goes and delivery of it was almost accurate at the time specified in the app thank you very much