4V Mini Electric Screwdriver Set USB Rechargeable

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$25.99 $39.98

Multi-Function Electric Screwdriver

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Mini Screwdriver, Mini Electrical Screwdriver



Power Source





Home DIY, Home DIY





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No Load Speed




Battery Capacity

1500mAh Li-ion Battery

Charging Port

Micro USB

Charging Time

Fast Charge Battery

Product Category

Home Electronic Power Tool

taladro inalambrico

Cordless Screwdriver Drill

parafusadeira a bateria

Battery Screwdriver

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  1. M***y

    Доставлено на дом курьером IML на третий день после оплаты. Очень быстро, все отслеживается. С курьером по телефону уточняется время. Супер. Отвертка очень удобная. Точно соответствует описанию. Крутящий момент реально регулируется. Отвертка просто выключается без трещотки. Субъективно, хотелось бы тормоз выбега. В общем, все ОК.


  2. i***v


  3. R***z

    no ha funcionado y después de hablar con ellos se han desentendido. me cuesta más arreglarlo que comprar otro


  4. A***u

    It works perfectly, the battery holds enough for jobs for example one day, from lampisteria, for the moment I am happy to try it more intensely but for the moment it has surprised me. Shipping very fast.


  5. Y***v

    Everything is great. Who needs a screwdriver, it’s not for you. For small works, it’s the most.


  6. O***n

    Normal thing, twist the computers will go


  7. u***t

    First impression is good. I took basically twist the computers, it copes in itself, until it’s unusual of course. Complete bits are non-magnetic, so I will not go, okay, they’ll come in handy for something else… Noisy, although I have nothing to compare with


  8. T***i


  9. u***r

    Good power, but the min-max regulator doesn’t seem to have any function


  10. AliExpress Shopper

    Speed adjustment does not work

    AliExpress Shopper

  11. I***v

    The screwdriver came with a defective reducer. The dispute did not open, wrote off with the seller, sent a photo of the breakage. After 4 days, they already sent out a new one, without any unnecessary disputes. The New came working, turns powerful, the limiter of effort simply cuts off the power when overloaded. When charging, takes a current of 3,1 A. Maybe even more will take, but this is the maximum current that produces charging. The shark is there for 1500 mAh, the brand is not known. The overall impression is good, although this price is clearly overstated for her. Bits complete in appearance are beautiful, but in quality most likely will not be a fountain, as always, what comes complete. Took from them also Shurik brushless, the tool is excellent, but the drills and bits going with him immediately in the trash threw out, shit.
    I definitely recommend the seller, not kidalovo. Reacts to the co-operation quickly, like those support.


  12. e***v

    Excellent screwdriver until I regretted what I bought, I hope it will serve as faith and truth, I liked the quality, battle in the kit is also of good quality, convenient to handle. The only negative is the buckle of the box (according to the experience of such boxes should break into operation). In general, I recommend.


  13. O***a

    All work smoothly. Screwdriver spins up and charges without problem. Fully complete. Only minus it urwany latch from case, during delivery. For mouting sockets and fine śróbek is sufficient.


  14. c***s

    All right but no strength


  15. S***v

    Delivery 2 days. Set: case plastic, screwdriver, USB cord, bit set. Charging is not included. The screwdriver fully met the expectations on the description that he wanted, then he received. Strong, does not crunch, I would like to be lighter, twists very well, strongly.


  16. I***v


  17. E***c


  18. R***r

    The order was brought by the courier to the house. Delivery was 10 days. I didn’t try it. Packed neatly, a screwdriver in a special case. Thank you


  19. v***r

    Thank you seller.


  20. A***v

    Nice screwdriver.
    And amazingly generous on coupons and promotional codes seller!


  21. E***v

    Normal screwdriver for electromechanical.


  22. A***v

    A good tool, took at discounts on Black Friday, with coupons, cost about 700R, for 1800 I would take it, because for such money you can buy a screwdriver. Who has a screwdriver and think about finding this screwdriver, but the constant change of bit and screwdriver is quite cumbersome, so took an electric screwdriver, who does not feel sorry for the money to buy, in any case, it is useful, who likes to work in comfort and loves a bunch of tools))


  23. v***v

    Very fast delivery by courier. Ordered 30.11, delivered to apartment 04.12. Well packed. In work have not yet tried


  24. A***n

    Turns like Bosch = go pro =. satisfied!


  25. M***v

    Description corresponds. Looks decent. You can take it. Castenvagenrussia plans to use this tool in the construction of motorhomes.


  26. AliExpress Shopper


    AliExpress Shopper

  27. b***v


  28. 2***r

    Shipping mega fast. It came by courier IML to the door. It smelled a little bit of China, but the smell quickly weathered. Included: Case, screwdriver, USB-mini USB adapter cable, bits. The screwdriver has built-in illumination, reverse, recharge bulb. Twists well, for small works the most it. A little hovering torque, it does not show up, immediately start to twist. When you get laid, you can get used to it. Quite heavy, all because of the built-in battery, I hope the battery will last a long service. In general, an excellent tool. Screwdriver for small work, do not expect that it will replace you.


  29. V***v

    Great thing.


  30. AliExpress Shopper

    Good screwdriver. Plastic deshmansky, smelly, but almost weathered in a day. Assembled well, nothing luftitis, in the hand lies comfortably and tactile even pleasantly. Buttons switch clearly. The backlight works, it’s a pity not the entire area of work lighting, here it would be necessary to have a LED ring, not just one diode. The power is enough to unscrew and twist the screws on different equipment, I took it for this. You can’t collect the closet for her, the moment is small. Bits sit tight. You can use 4mm bits with the adapter. At its characteristics, the screwdriver is better than most in the market, and at a price of 850R in general outside the competition. Delivery IML to Rostov 3 days.

    AliExpress Shopper

  31. O***v

    Excellent screwdriver, qualitatively made, convenient to use.


  32. A***n

    Sent for a long time, on LS did not answer. Then sent, IML delivery 2 days. The screwdriver came broken (broken fastening the power adjustment wheel). In personal, the seller offered 5 dollars, had to solve through a dispute. As a result, full refund.


  33. A***n

    Good enough goods, immediately disassembled and lubricated the reducer, it was not lubricated and therefore noisy, after lubrication, the screwdriver earned quietly. The reducer there is compact with a large transmission number, it is made in the form of a single planetary transmission: solar gears, satellites, drivers and common epicycle are made of steel. Screwdriver powerful fingers do not stop, I bought to repair the machine and want to use it as an electric small brush, applying an angle adapter. Manufacturer and supplier evaluation “5”. By the way, the delivery from Russia is very fast in 3 days!


  34. AliExpress Shopper

    AliExpress Shopper

  35. E***v

    Order came, screwdriver working. Delivered by courier to the door. The tool sits pleasantly in the hand, light enough. About power and other parameters I will write later after tests. The case came whole, in itself beautiful, comfortable. Inside-bits, extension cord, wire and screwdriver itself. In general, in appearance a decent device. And what in the case-will show time and my curves of hands;)


  36. K***v

    An excellent tool needed in the farm. Very satisfied, thank you very much!


  37. G***i



  38. AliExpress Shopper

    Delivery by IML To the address. The kit is complete, still put the adapters under the torx, it would be great. The first time was charged for a long time. The brake is somehow a useless option, IMHO.

    AliExpress Shopper

  39. AliExpress Shopper

    Please wait for rewarding. Hermione good product. Very 휼 it.

    AliExpress Shopper

  40. P***a



  41. s***k

    It’s beautiful and powerful…


  42. A***n

    As usual, good quality.


  43. a***a

    Broken packing inside (broken). The adjustment of RPM is not working-efforts.


  44. O***y

    Доставка меньше недели. Отвертка хорошая, но регулировка усилия чисто номинальная


  45. I***v

    Товар отличный. Только вот вопрос, или мне кажется, или регулятор скорости вращения вала не работает….


  46. N***e

    Это не настоящая prostormer. Подделка. Логотипа на инструменте нет, наклейка с параметрами инструмента оклеивается. Магнитный вал люфтит по всем осям. Диск регулировки вращения при касании провалился внутрь. Пришлось разобрать. Посадочное место на диске было сломано. После ремонта диск встал на место, но вращение не регулируется. Как будь то это имитация. Отвертка работает. Довольно мощная. Но, по всем признакам, прослужит недолго.


  47. AliExpress Shopper

    Stuff is like the desktop finishing treatment level less than

    AliExpress Shopper

  48. Y***v

    Order delivered quickly, IML service.
    The screwdriver liked, it’s very convenient to use. It is not clear how exactly the effort is regulated.


  49. U***k

    Honestly, the piece is bulky, the rotation speed is not adjustable, although there is a regulator, but with its scroll, nothing changes. It’s not clear what to pay 30 bucks for. Well, I bought it with the seller’s coupon and the Ali coupon for 10 bucks. So it came in a broken plastic case, I opened a dispute and Ali gave me 10 bucks back. So as a result-okay, since free cost me, but I do not advise buying, buy from yourself on the terrain cheaper and not Huder for sure


  50. J***

    제품은 튼튼하게 보입니다 배송이 좀 늦었네요