XK-2 Aluminum Alloy Pocket Hole Jig System Woodworking Drill


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XK-2 Aluminum Alloy Pocket Hole Jig System Woodworking Drill

XK-2 Aluminum Alloy Pocket Hole Jig System Woodworking Drill


XK-2 Aluminum Alloy Pocket Hole Jig System Woodworking Drill Guide with Toggle Clamp 9.5mm Step Drill Bits Screwdriver Bit Pocket Plugs Screws



Material Aluminium Alloy(6061)
Surface Treatment Anodized
Color Blue
Wood clamping size 15-45mm
Drill Bushing Diameter 9.5mm, Length 30mm, HRC 50°
Scale Laser Engraving Printing (It’s not a silkscreen effect, it won’t wear out even use in a long time.)


Removable Drill Guide – for use with benchtop and portable bases.

Adjustable Depth Design – Each pocket hole jig features a drill depth knob to quickly adjust the thickness of the wood to avoid damage, splinter, or split.

Sturdy Toggle Clamp – Offering incredible rigidity and uncompromising workpiece hold strength. Adjustments are as easy as releasing the locknut and rotating to the correct setting.

Extra Carpentry Accessories – The package comes with a 9.5mm drill, a hex wrench, a spacing ring, and a screwdriver besides the pocket hole jig to help set the right depth, make holes, and help you create DIY projects easily.

High-Duty Aluminum Body – This pocket hole jig kit has a well-balanced aluminum frame design to ensure a reliable woodworking support base.

Professional-Grade Design – This multipurpose jig tool can be used for DIY woodworking projects, repairs, custom builds by carpenters and woodworkers.


Package Included:
1 x Main Body and Clamp

1 x Hole Puncher

1 x 9.5mm Step Drilling Bit

1 x Drill Spacing Ring

1 x Screwdriver

1 x 2.5mm Hex Wrench

XK-2 Aluminum Alloy Pocket Hole Jig System Woodworking Drill




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